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Transfection Reagent [BY-R-10001]

Cat. No.: BY-R-10001
Size: 0.75 mL/1.5 mL
Storage: Store at -20℃ for 12 months
Cytotoxicity: Cytotoxicity is evaluated by in-house WST-8 assay.
Application: DNA transfection for adherent cells and suspension cells
Product Detail

Product Introduction
Transfection Reagent is a superior cationic polymer-based   transfection reagent. It has been successfully applied to transfection at   various scales over a broad range of cell lines. Compared with the leading   transfection reagents on the market, Transfection Reagent yields higher   protein expression level and exhibits lower cytotoxicity. It is an ideal   choice for recombinant protein production for both transient and stable   transfection. Its extensive compatibility with serum, cell type, scale, and   storage temperature offers you ease and assurance for research and   production.

Transfection efficiency
Transfection Reagent is lot tested against 293E cell line to assure consistency and efficacy. 85% confluent 293E cells in 24-well plate are transfected with 0.6 μg of an rhFc-expression plasmid using 2.8 μL of Sinofection.

Superior Protein Expression
Transfection   with this reagent has been proved to provide higher levels of protein   expression in several cell lines than leading competitor’s products. For   large-scale production of recombinant proteins, Transfection Reagent is the   best choice to achieve the optimum yield. In addition, it also exhibits high   transfection efficiency to ensure successful transfections.
Product Advantage

1.Excellent transfection of both adherent and suspension cells for a broad range of cell lines

2.Remarkable application of DNA transfection (transient/stable) at scales from microtiter plates to bioreactors

3.Easy and fast procedure

4.Low cytotoxicity

Usage Guide
Recombinant proteinexpression and purification
Functional gene study
Functional protein study
Gene therapy
Transgenic animal model

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