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100 bp Plus DNA Ladder

100 bp Plus DNA Ladder

100bp, 200bp, 300bp, 400bp, 500bp, 600bp, 700bp, 800bp, 900bp, 1000bp and 1500bp
Cat.No: BY-D-10001
Size: 250μL/500μL
Applications: Suitable for agarose gel electrophoresis
Storage: 4℃ for 6 months or -20℃ for 2 years
Product Detail


Ø   This product consists of double-stranded   DNA fragments of specific molecular weight, which have been mixed with a blue   dye loading buffer, suitable for agarose gel electrophoresis as a DNA   molecular weight standard. All fragments of DNA Marker/Ladder were obtained   by plasmid digestion and purification, and bands of Marker/Ladder were   clearer and denser during electrophoresis. The mass ratio between strips is   more accurate and realistic.

Operation Procedure

Ø   This product is a ready-to-use product,   which can be directly added to the sample well of agarose gel for   electrophoresis (if the sample well is wide, the sample volume can be   increased appropriately).

Ø   The recommended electrophoresis   conditions are 1× Buffer TAE, 0.8%-2.0% agarose gel, and the voltage between   the positive and negative electrodes is 4-10V/cm.

Ø   Two electrophoretic indicators,   Xylene Cyanol and Bromophenol, have been added to this product. If 1% agarose   gel is used, the position of the Xylene Cyanol band is about 2kb, and the   position of the Bromophenol band is about 400bp.

Ø   By nucleic acid dye staining, the   electrophoretic bands were observed under UV light.


Ø   Thaw and mix thoroughly before use.

Ø   The quality of the electrophoresis image   is related to the agarose gel and the electrophoresis buffer. Please use   high-quality agarose, newly configured agarose gel, and replace the   electrophoresis buffer in time to avoid affecting the electrophoresis   results.

Ø   The concentration of agarose gel is very   important for the separation of DNA fragments. Higher concentration of   agarose gel is better for the separation of short fragments of DNA, while   lower concentration of agarose gel is conducive to the separation of long   fragments of DNA. Select the appropriate concentration of agarose gel for   electrophoresis.

Ø   After electrophoresis and nucleic acid   dye staining of DNA fragments of equal quality, the fragments with smaller   molecular weights are lightly colored and the bands are thick; the fragments   with larger molecular weights are brightly colored and the bands are thin,   which is a normal phenomenon.

Ø   If Buffer DB   is used as a nucleic acid dye, it should be noted that the electrical   properties of EB and nucleic acid are opposite, and the migration of EB and DNA   during electrophoresis is assuredly opposite. If Buffer EB is pre-added when   configuring the agarose gel, after a long period of electrophoresis, the   fragments with smaller molecular weights in the DNA Marker/Ladder may appear   lighter in color and the bands are blurred, which is a normal phenomenon.


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