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Bicolor Pre-Stained Protein Standard (for NIFIS) [BY-K-10007]

Bicolor Pre-Stained Protein Standard (for NIFIS) [BY-K-10007]

10 kDa、15 kDa、20 kDa、25 kDa、35 kDa、40 kDa、50 kDa、70 kDa、100 kDa、150 kDa、250 kDa
Cat. No.: BY-K-10007
Size: 250μL×2/250μL×10
Style: Pre-Stained
Storage: -20℃ for one year or 4℃ fo three months
Product Detail


Ø   Bicolor Pre-Stained Protein Standard    (high MW marker) consists of 9 protein bands ranging from 10kDa to 250 kDa    (10kDa15kDa20kDa25kDa35kDa40kDa50kDa70kDa100kDa150kDa250kDa).    The range of molecular weight from low to high can monitor the protein separation    during electrophoresis, judge the molecular weight of the target protein, and    monitor the transfer efficiency in Western Blot experiment. The 25 kDa and 70    kDa bands were combined with red dye, which was more convenient for real-time    observation of electrophoresis process and determination of protein molecular    weight.


Ø   High accuracy: Molecular weight of    protein band is more accurate than other high-end brand products of the same    grade;

Ø   Reasonable distribution: More reasonable    distribution of protein bands;

Ø   Low hybridization reaction: The band    protein removes the protein label and minimizes the antibody hybridization    reaction.


Ø   Thaw this    product at room temperature. Do NOT boil protein ladder. Mix gently and    thoroughly to ensure that the solution is homogeneous.


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