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Pre-Stained Protein Standard (Broad Multi Color) [BY-K-10001]

Pre-Stained Protein Standard (Broad Multi Color) [BY-K-10001]

5 kDa, 15 kDa, 30 kDa, 35 kDa, 50 kDa, 65 kDa, 95 kDa, 130 kDa, 175 kDa, 270 kDa
Cat. No.: BY-K-10001
Size: 250μL/250μL×5
Style: Pre-Stained
Storage: -20℃ for one year or 4℃ fo three months
Product Detail


Ø   Pre-Stained   Protein Standard (Broad Multi Color) is a special-designed protein standard.   The standard is a mixture of ten highly purified prestained proteins ranging   from 5 kDa to 270 kDa, covalently coupled with four different chromophores.   The 30 kDa band is red, 50 kDa band is green, 270 kDa band is orange, and   other bands are blue. Broad Multi Color Pre-Stained Protein Standard is   designed for observing protein separation during SDS-PAGE, verifying western   transfer efficiency on membranes, and approximating the size of proteins.


Ø   Monitoring protein migration during   SDS-PAGE.

Ø   Verifying transfer efficiency on   membranes for Western Blot.

Ø   Approximate sizing of proteins on   SDS-PAGE gels.

Ø   Locating a   protein of interest for excision from an unstained preparative gel.


Ø   Thaw this product at room temperature. Do   NOT boil protein ladder. Mix gently and thoroughly to ensure that the   solution is homogeneous.


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