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qPCR Primer Pairs are designed using SBI's proprietary primer design algorithm. They are used for SYBR Green dye-based real-time PCR and designed according to the conserved region of all variants of a specific gene. At least one primer crosses the junction of adjacent exons to avoid amplification of genomic DNA directly and effectively. Our primer pairs cover all genes from human, mouse, rat and can be widely applied to the quantitative analysis of gene expression. cDNA used as templates, a single, correct-size band is produced in SYBR Green dye-based PCR with each pair of primers. Therefore, our primers have the characteristics with high specificity, high amplification efficiency, wide linear range and uniform reaction conditions. Each package for a specific gene is supplied with a lyophilized mixture of forward and reverse primers that can be used directly in SYBR Green dye-based real-time PCR after they are dissolved into ultrapure water.
qPCR Primers Pairs
Unique Primer Design:To avoid genomic DNA amplification, at least one primer is designed crosses the junction of exons according to the conserved region of a specific gene with all variants.
Strict Validation Process:Confirmed in positive organizations; screened the primer with high specificity and high sensitivity
Convenience:Uniform PCR conditions, saving time and cost.
High Specificity & Sensitivity:~100% amplification efficiency, ensuring the accuracy of the RNA quantitative.
qPCR Primers of 96-well Plates:Multiple signaling pathways, metabolic pathways, cancer detections, etc., provide customized service.
Customized Service:Meet customer demands

Features & Advantages of qPCR Primer Pairs
Multiple Species, Validated in Positive Organizations
qPCR Primer Pairs Validation Data
45 pairs of gene-specific qPCR primers as examples,positive tissue cDNA and gene standard validation: a)Amplification curves: amplification tendency enhanced. b)Melting curves: high specificity. c)Electrophoresis detection: high specificity. d)Standard curve: high sensitivity, detectable limit is less than 100 copies, high amplification efficiency, wide linear range.
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