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Exosome Fluorescence Labeling Kit(DiR, near-infrared) [BY-S-10021]

Cat. No.: BY-S-10021
Size: 10T/20T
Storage: Keep in dark place, Store at 4℃ for 12 months
Test Wavelength: λEx/λEm(MeOH) = 748/780 nm
Dye: DiR, near-infrared
Product Detail
Exosome Introduction
Exosomes are extracellular membrane vesicles (EVs) with a diameter of 30-150 nm secreted by various cells. Exosomes are commonly found in many body fluids, and their contents are rich in proteins, lipids, nucleic acids, and other components. They play an important role in intercellular communication and are primarily involved in immune antigen presentation, neurotransmitter transmission, lipid metabolism, cell signal transduction, and other processes. Exosomes are closely related to the occurrence, development, treatment, and prognosis of various diseases.

Product Introduction
DiR is a lipophilic near-infrared fluorescent cyanine dye. Its two 18-carbon chains can bind to cell membranes or other lipophilic biomolecules, enabling specific and stable staining. The near-infrared light emitted by DiR can efficiently penetrate through cells and tissues, making it commonly used for in vivo imaging and tracking.


1.Fluorescent dyes all have quenching issues, please avoid light exposure to reduce fluorescence quenching.

2.The dye working solution should be prepared and used immediately. Do not prepare in advance, as this will affect the staining effect.

3.When fixing cell or tissue samples for DiR staining, it is recommended to use 4% paraformaldehyde for fixation. The use of other inappropriate fixatives may result in higher fluorescence background.

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