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Exosome Extraction Kit (Serum&Plasma) [BY-S-10001]

Cat. No.: BY-S-10001
Size: 10T
Storage: Store at 4℃ for 12 months
Sample: Serum & Plasma
Extraction Volume: 500μL
Product Detail
Exosome Introduction
Exosomes are extracellular membrane vesicles (EVs) with a   diameter of 30-150 nm secreted by various cells. Exosomes are commonly found   in many body fluids, and their contents are rich in proteins, lipids, nucleic   acids, and other components. They play an important role in intercellular   communication and are primarily involved in immune antigen presentation,   neurotransmitter transmission, lipid metabolism, cell signal transduction,   and other processes. Exosomes are closely related to the occurrence, development,   treatment, and prognosis of various diseases.


Product Introduction
Density ultracentrifugation is a traditional and effective   method for exosome isolation, but its complex operation process and expensive   equipment limit the routine study of exosomes. The serum/plasma rapid   extraction kit independently developed by DoLeMi can quickly and efficiently   obtain high-purity exosome particles through component optimization. It is   easy to operate, takes a short time, produces stable results, and has low   levels of contaminating proteins. With only an ordinary centrifuge, relatively   pure and intact exosomes can be isolated.

Product Application
The   extracellular vesicles extracted by this reagent kit can be used for NTA   particle size analysis, Western Blot, nucleic acid extraction and subsequent   analysis (such as Q-PCR, sequencing), extracellular vesicle labeling, and   protein mass spectrometry analysis.

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