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EndoFree Plasmid Mini Purification Kit [BY-B-10054]

Cat.No.: BY-B-10054
Size: 50 preps
Product Detail

Kit Components


Specifications    (50 preps)

Buffer BL

30 mL

Buffer P1

30 mL

Buffer P2

30 mL

Buffer P4

30 mL

Buffer PD

30 mL

Buffer PW

15 mL

Buffer TB

15 mL

RNase    A(10 mg/mL)

300 μL

Filtration    Columns CS


Spin    Columns CP4


Collection    Tubes (2mL)


Hand book


Extract Yield

Plasmid    Type

Bacterial    Volume


low copy

5-15 mL

5-25 μg

High Copy

5-15 mL

15-70 μg


Ø   This kit uses a unique silica gel    membrane adsorption technology to efficiently and specifically bind plasmid    DNA. At the same time, special Buffer P4 and Filtration Columns CS are used    to effectively remove impurities such as endotoxin and protein. The whole    extraction process only takes 1 hour, which is convenient and quick. The    following procedure is suitable for extracting 5-15 mL of overnight cultured    E. coli. The yield and quality of plasmid extraction are related to the type    of host bacteria and culture conditions, cell lysis, plasmid copy number,    plasmid stability, antibiotics and other factors.

Ø   The plasmid DNA extracted using this kit    can be applied to transfect various cells and various routine operations,    including enzyme digestion, PCR, sequencing, ligation and other experiments.

Product Features

Ø   Fast: The whole operation process is fast    and convenient, and the recovery work can be completed in tens of minutes.

Ø   Efficient: The unique spin column and    carefully prepared buffer can recover a large amount of high-purity target    plasmid DNA.


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