The products of our company are only used for external research, not for clinical diagnosis
To investigate gene function in vivo, it's often necessary to create genetically engineered animals – e.g. transgenic mice -- by using targeting vectors to knock-out (KO), knock-in (KI), or knock-down (through stable expression of RNAi constructs) your gene of interest. Creating the customized vectors necessary to achieve these genetic modifications can be tedious and costly. To accelerate your research, Beyoscience offers:
Custom Vector Construction Services
Targeting Vector Construction Services
including traditional and conditional knock-out, knock-in, and BAC construction
RANi Construction Services
including vector-based siRNA and miRNA in your choice of plasmid or lentiviral vector.
Beyoscience boasts years of experience in knock-out and knock-in vector construction. Beyoscience has provided hundreds of targeting vectors to customers worldwide. These have been used successfully in traditional and conditional knock-out, knock-in, and other genetic modification projects. The turnaround time for targeting vector projects is usually less than four weeks, and our services are tailored to each customer's exact requirements.
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