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Exosomes contains RNAs (miRNA and mRNAs), which are crucial for cell-cell communication by transmitting signals to regulate diverse cellular functions in recipient cells. miRNA and mRNAs undoubtedly carry enormous amount of information that benefit the development of potential biomarkers for early diagnosis of diseases such as identifying tumor types and monitoring its progressions. Beyoscience aims to develop best quality exosome extraction kits with optimized condition to help our customers to obtain pure exosome with higher yield. Our newly developed Exosome RNA Extraction Kits and reagents were designed for high quality purification, isolation and extraction of total RNAs (miRNA + mRNAs). In addition, our kit allows for the isolation from variety of different biological samples including plasma/serum, cell-cultured media, urine, milk, as well as other kinds of human bio-fluids. With our kits and reagents you could easily and efficiently obtain highly purified exosome RNA which are suitable for a numbers of biological analyses and applications, including RNA sequencing, and RT-PCR.
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