The products of our company are only used for external research, not for clinical diagnosis
In modern life science and pharmaceutical research cell-based assays are becoming increasingly important. Real-time measurements with cells offer the possibility of successful quantification of cell viability, cytotoxicity and biological activity. By realistically representing the situation in vivo, these assays enable direct analysis of cell responses and play an important role in understanding disease mechanisms. Beyoscience® offer cell-based assays designed for biomedical research, drug screening, and diagnostic fields. Cell-based assays are essential to facilitate research in many areas, including cell analysis, oxidantive stress, enzyme activity, organelle analysis, metabolite level, and the status of cell growth, etc.
Cell Based Assay
TUNEL Apoptosis Test
Annexin V Apoptosis Test
Caspase Activity Test
Cell Proliferation Test
Cell Activity Test
Cell Cycle Test
Antioxidant Capacity Test
Mycoplasma Test
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