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Recombinant protein is a manipulated form of protein produced through recombinant DNA technology. By inserting the DNA encoding the protein into bacterial or mammalian cells, we can get quantities of target proteins after amplifying expression and purification. Beyoscience offers a diverse selection of more than 4000 proteins for your research, including cytokines, growth factors, immune checkpoint proteins, CD antigen, FC Receptor, enzymes, hormone, etc.
Recombinant Proteins
To make recombinant proteins, the gene is isolated and cloned into an expression vector. Generating a recombinant protein requires the protein expression system, protein purification system and protein identification systems.
How to Make Recombinant Protein
Basic steps to get recombinant Protein:
1. Amplification of gene of interest.
2. Insert into cloning vector.
3. Sub cloning into expression vector.
4. Transformation into protein expressing host (bacteria, yeast, mammalian cells or baculovirus-insect cell system).
5. Test for identification of recombinant protein.( Western blot or Fluoroscence)
6. Large scale production. (Large scale fermentor)
7. Isolation and purification.
High Purity(>95%), Lower Endotoxin(<1.0EU/μL)
Activity Validation
Features & Advantages of Recombinant Proteins
Strict Quality Control
Standardized Operation Procedures, GMP-level Workshop
Multiple Expression Systems
E.coli, Yeast, Mammalian Cells, Insect Cells(baculovirus)
Techinical Support
Complete Pre-sales and After-sales Support
Applications of Recombinant Proteins
Native antigens for optimized antibody production Positive controls in ELISA and other antibody assays Protein-protein interaction In vitro biochemical assays and cell-based functional assays Heavy labeled protein as SRM/MRM standards
Protein Expression System Comparison
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